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Get a custom social ads analytics dashboard

Monitor ad performance

To help you see if your business is growing the way you want, we create and give you access to a custom-designed analytics dashboard.

Automated reports

We love keeping you up-to-date with your ads' performance. We'll generate and send you an analytics report at your preferred schedule.

Ongoing ad optimization

To help your business succeed, we'll test thoroughly and keep optimizing your digital adverts until we get the lowest cost per result possible.

How to tell if you need help with ads

  • If your business is not getting enough traffic or good quality leads
  • If there’s not enough engagement with your target audience on social platforms
  • If you’re having a hard time boosting your brand awareness
  • If you want to drive more sales or need guidance fine-tuning your targeting
  • If this sounds like you, talk to an ads expert now >

    How we'll help you grow

    Facebook ads

    We create hyper-targeted advertising campaigns and give you reports that are easy to read and act upon.

    Instagram ads

    We'll help your brand reach a new generation of audiences and provide you with actionable insights.

    LinkedIn ads

    We'll help you target titles, industries, and more, for your Ads to reach the decision-makers.

    You're in good company

    Team W Media is trusted by plenty small to medium businesses.
    "Team W Media's advertising efforts are thoughtful and business-goal-oriented. ...I have a consistent set of leads coming in"
    Kristy Gilmore - Indiana Wellness College

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I get started?
    To get started, you can click the "schedule a call" button above, or fill in the contact form at the end of this page.
    Is there a setup fee?
    Yes. There's a one-time setup fee of $250 per platform per account.
    Is there a minimum contract term?
    Paid ads normally take up to three months to reach their optimal performance. We require a minimum of 6 months commitment to ensure we get you the best results from our advertising work.
    What if I'm not getting accurate data for my analytics?
    We've helped many of our customers that had this problem get analytics data that they can rely on.

    We have a team of experts that can analyze your analytics data and help you set up all tracking systems and analytics reporting to ensure all the data you get going forward will be accurate.

    We can diagnose and resolve problems with Facebook Pixels, LinkedIn Insight Tag and Google Analytics setups.
    Can I track my ads' performance in real-time?
    Yes. Once we set up your ad platforms we give you access to a custom dashboard where you can track the most important numbers for your business in real-time.

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    We would like to help you get started on your digital journey. Please fill in the form below to connect with a member of our team.
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